Thursday, October 09


posted 6 years ago


If the arranagement below isn’t suitable (direct exchange resulting in ownership on both parts) I’m happy to consider a temporary-stay system where I would develop a system for you, and you would provide me with a “holiday” in your villa for the development period.

Exact details of this to be specific to each situation. Again, contact me at: for more information.

Noon Silk

Thursday, 9th of October, 2008.

Friday, October 03


posted 6 years ago


I, Noon Silk, am offering my programming skills in exchange for a Spanish/Greek villa that you may have.

The idea is that you are interested in having a computer system built for you (perhaps a funds management system to manage your investments, perhaps a tool to visualise growth on your farm, or perhaps a database to manage the statistics of your soccer team and predict outcomes) and you are interested in securing this system and having it custom-made for you. Further, you own a villa that interests me. Instead of the typical process of hiring a development firm, you can simply trade your villa for my time and expertise.

Assuming this, we will come to an arrangement like so:

  1. I will review the villa you have up for offer; pending confirmation
  2. We will review your desired system; pending confirmation
  3. We will formalise an agreement of general interest from both parties; pending confirmation
  4. I will visit the villa and confirm it is as advertised; pending agreement
  5. We will sign an agreement to commence works on given system (and any other systems so-as to satisfy the delivery of my time and experience as compared to estimated property value); pending signatures
  6. Property will be handed over to me and I will commence works; pending works completed
  7. You will receive and input into system as per typical Dev process (“agile”); pending completion
  8. System is delivered, property is now mine.

That is all.

Contact me at: for more information. You may be interested in what sort of system you can get? Any kind. I’ve been a professional programmer for 7 years and am happy to discuss the extent of my capacity to deliver what you need; if I can’t, you will get a straight answer.

Noon Silk

Friday, 3rd of October, 2008.